Editor's Letter

Fall in love with comfort

Comfort food can create a sense of nostalgia for many, and as the fall leaves and temperatures drop, a yearning for that hearty comfort seems to heighten. In my eyes, that craving is never more apparent than during football season. Saturday and Sunday mean gameday—and although most fans are looking forward to their collegiate or NFL teams facing off on the gridiron, others are finding that the real action is out at the tailgate. Competition can exist as much in a the food spreads as it does on the field.

Whether customers are lighting the grill outside their alma mater's stadium or hosting a gameday crowd from the comfort of their couch, crowd-pleasing foods are at the top of their list. We've stacked this issue with fan favorites like preseasoned hearty soup and chowder blends, ideal for crisp fall and winter games. Check out page 10 for Super Bowl selections sure to quiet even the of rowdiest of super fans. Americans consume more food on the Big Day than any other besides Thanksgiving, so we're here to show you that the opportunity for gourmet product sales is certainly there.

Also in this issue, our Gourmet Gift Guide (14) is proving to be the ultimate source for holiday treats and snacks that customers will love to keep on hand throughout the Christmas season. Looking to help out those shoppers with a sweet tooth? Turn to our Flavor Focus section (8) for a round up of chocolate delights. Customers are drawn to the sense of comfort that comes along with cooler weather, so don't miss an opportunity to stock your shelves with ingredients, flavors and foods reminiscent of those feelings.

Happy reading,
Megan O'Neill
Associate Editor