Editor's Letter

You Just Never Know

Back in January here in Chicago, like in many parts of the country, we were subjected to a polar vortex—a weather phenomenon that left us wishing for 30-degree temperatures. The sub-zero temperatures, coupled with heaps of snow, were not pretty. I heard this was coming, and I thought perhaps I should stock up on essentials: bread, milk and um, horseradish cheese. Yep, because when things get rough out there, I say cook, eat, and try new foods. And my family whole-heartedly agrees.

We made a few grocery trips over that snowpocalypse week—Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Jewel. Two snow days for the kids tacked onto the end of Christmas break really jazzed them up for more fun and games. So we perused recipe books and watched the Food Network. If we were going outside, we were going outside well fed.

The next week everything seemed to be melting. There was even talk of flooding. Did we need to start thinking about building an ark? Should we pull out the beachwear? No. For us, it meant more trips to the grocery store and more thinking about trying new recipes and new products we saw on the shelves. Should we watch the latest episode of “Chopped” or concentrate on tackling the new bag of Hawaiian Barbeque Chips?

As we put together this issue that promises fun, outdoor entertaining options for the upcoming spring months, cool dessert toppings and great grilling products, I imagined a warm tropical breeze filled with wonderful food aromas. Some things in life you can take comfort in.

As for the weather, you just never know.

Happy reading,
Paula Trapalis