Beaver Brand™ Extra Hot Horseradish earns ChefsBest® 2018 Award of Excellence

Oregon’s 88-year- old specialty condiment manufacturer is celebrating the recent announcement that its Beaver Brand™ Extra Hot Horseradish is the recipient of a ChefsBest® 2018 Award of Excellence.The Beaver Brand™ is the No. 1 selling horseradish in the country and the brand is the top selling specialty branded mustard in the West.

ChefsBest® identifies and honors the best-tasting grocery products to support the companies that make them and the people who choose to select them. By utilizing a proprietary judging process called SAQA®, “Sensory Attribute Quality Analysis,” the ChefsBest Certified Master Tasters® identify high quality and best-tasting food, which can result in one of three awards. The ChefsBest® Excellence Award is awarded to brands that surpass quality standards established by independent professional chefs.

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