New Chef’s Cut Launches: Protein Snack Packs & Pepperoni Turkey Snack Stick

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co.™ , the chef-led jerky brand that delivers an authentic culinary snacking experience, announces the retail launch of its newest product, Protein Snack Packs. Each Protein Snack Pack pairs chef-crafted, perfectly tender jerky with 100% all-natural cheese, dehydrated using a proprietary drying process, resulting in a rich, crunchy cheese crisp.

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co.™’s new Protein Snack Packs are available in two combinations, Real Steak Jerky® – Original Recipe & Cheddar Cheese, and Real Turkey Jerky® – Teriyaki & Pepper Jack Cheese. Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co.™’s Protein Snacks Packs offer a modern take on a classic pairing – meat and cheese. Perfect for on-the-go lunching and munching, each Protein Snack Pack is high in protein, ideal for a complete snack or a satisfying meal replacement. Like all Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co.™ offerings, Protein Snack Packs are all-natural, nitrite and gluten-free.

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