Tamar Zaliouk Markham Named CEO YZ Enterprises, Inc.

Tamar Zaliouk Markham is now the CEO at YZ Enterprises, Inc. the manufacturers of Almondina® Brand Biscuits, The Delicious Cookie Without the Guilt®. Mrs. Zaliouk-Markham takes the reigns of the cookie company from her father and founder Yuval Zaliouk, who was inducted into the Specialty Food Association’s Hall of Fame this past June in New York.

In 2013, after almost a quarter century of marketing Mrs. Markham’s great grandmother Dina’s Petit Gateau Sec, the original Almondina and their core line of Almondina products, Tamar and her husband Jason with the entire family, created Toastees®.

Now at YZ Enterprises, Inc. Tamar runs daily 15 minute meetings with the Team Leaders of each department. Mrs. Markham also oversees and finalizes all new product development. This included the development of Almondina Toastees® or as we like to say “Toastees®, Almondina, the Next Generation,”. Tamar also runs executive/ownership meetings, oversees each department and makes decisions regarding vendors/customers based on analytic findings. She also oversees the relationships with her two current co-packing companies. She does constant research of the industry to stay ahead of the curve and keep current with all food industry trends.

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